Support System

"We provide exemplary customer service, fully and efficiently"

We have strict protocol to maintain perfection on the day to day life procedures, servers, customer care availability and client’s assets. With “Live Chat” support system, we are readily available to hit successful resolution outmost cases. Additionally Email and Support ticket for further in dept analysis and rectifications.

Help & Support, how does it works? 

Our support system works in a way to make sure every query from visitors and customer get resolved and make customer care team learning from the experience. 

 We always welcome to answer any question related to your products, price, and technical questions. 

1. Live Chat: Available on all Qatari Working days. Logged in users and guest users can ask to get immediate response. Maximum response within 5 mins. 

2. Submit Support Ticket: This is offline but most effective way to register your question, especially on technical advice we strongly recommend submitting support ticket. Maximum response time within 60 minutes on all days. 

3. Traditional way - E-Mail Message your question in detail, send to [email protected]

Mostly get reply in 1 to 2 days based on busy hours. Any complains on website, orders, payment or if site is down – you can send email to [email protected] for effective resolution. Our dedicated resolution team will go through your complaint, inquiry and contact you if require, help to resolve the issue.