Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Click Qatar Domain, search your desired domain, if available to register, add to cart, complete the checkout process.
Yes, you can buy Qatar domain from anywhere in the world.
You need to generate newly purchased SSL certificate, then in cPanel you should upload and activate the certificate. If you buy from Unitech, submit a support ticket we will do the rest for you.
Usually Name Server or DNS changes take time(24 to 48 hours) to update in all Internet Service Provider. Check update status, instantly from Unitech DNS Checker.
Yes we have VPS products, you can check from here.
You need to add change Name Server (Custom Name Server) from Manage Domain at Unitech Client Area.
Up to four Name Servers allowed for Qatar Domains.
Unitech offers domains registration service, where you can easily register and manage Qatar domain.
Unitech is the Qatar based Company, the head office is located at Doha, Qatar.
You can request to can your domain once after registered, but refund is not applicable for registered domains. Please read our Refund Policy.
No, Webhosting available free in market is not trustworthy. We have all paid and authentic.
Only companies registered in Qatar or with trademark registered in Qatar can register a .com.qa domain.
Once .com.qa domain order placed on Unitech, submit your company document by Support Ticket, the process will be 24 to 48 hours to get approval.
    • Registry : Serves, maintain and regulate all domain in a database. For Qatar : Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA)
    • Registrar : Registrar is an accredited organization, like Unitech, that sells domain names to the public and process registration.
    • Registrant : The owner of the domain name, who have access to update NS and contacts, transfer and cancel domain
In this case, you need a DNS hosting, for example: Use CloudFlare, add your domain. Get the NS Records, update that to your Domain in Unitech Client Area.
If you plan to buy together, choose bundle package from here, you will get priority support for this package.
Atleast 1 to 2 hours for VPS to get activate.
At checkout page you will be redirect to Sadad Payment System, you can use your local or international card to make payment.
All Qatar Domains 30 days grace period of the expiry date. We recommend you renew your domain before the expiry date.