Why Unitech is best hosting company in Doha, Qatar

 Sunday, January 8, 2023

There are lots of hosting companies worldwide. People are well known to choose from that.

But what so special at Unitech Hosting Services?

The answer is simple: 

  1. Unitech is originally a Qatari Company, it is from heart of people located in Qatar to support Qatari Based Company. By supporting, they are getting pride, boosting local turn overs, supporting local startups.
  2. Since Unitech is officially Qatar Domain Registrar, it is easy for people to register domain at cheaper price, quick and easy to handle dashboard - same time they keep both their hosting and domain same place. So that, their domain DNS name server, IP propagation is faster also getting good response from loading side.
  3. Unitech is available locally in Qatar, and so it trustworthy, great customer care support.
  4. The pricing plans of Unitech Hosting is reasonable, while comparing to others in global market.
  5. Finally, Unitech is available LIVE CHAT 24/7, people like newbies, finding less technical efforts are gaining more advantage of Unitech Live Chat.


Get cPanel to control your website, files, database, sub domains, emails and ftp account - with Unitech Hosting Plans.


Fact: Unitech is getting popular daily among people from different countries, who are showing interest to buy domains with .qa extensions. Their moto to buy is, soon after this they are planning to start new businesses in Qatar. And it is good logic that before establishing business they are planning to book their domain name.