qa Qatar Domain Renewal Grace Period

 Monday, January 2, 2023

As per Domain Name Registration, Expiry, Renewal and Deletion Policy from Communication Regulatory Authority of Qatar.


24. Domain Name Renewal

24.1. Domain Names may be Registered for periods of one, two, three, four and five years, and Domain Names may be Renewed for a periods of either one, two, three, four or five years.

24.2. When a Domain Name Licence is renewed, the Domain Name Licence Period is increased by the length of time for which the Domain Name Licence is to be Renewed.

24.3. Domain Names are eligible for Renewal at any time before the Expiry Date for any period as long as the resulting total Domain Name Licence Period does not exceed five (5) years and ninety (90) Calendar Days. The ninety (90) Calendar Day period added to the end of the Domain Name Licence Period is to allow Registrants the ability to Renew their Domain Name Licence whilst not forfeiting the remainder of the Domain Name Licence Period.


28. Domain Name Deletion – Policy Deletion

The procedure set out in this section applies in the case of Domain Names that are deleted for a breach of any of the Policies by the Registrant.

28.1. Where the Qatar Domains Registry System receives a Policy Deletion of Domain Name request:

28.1.1. The Domain Name enters a ‘Pending Policy Delete’ status and the Domain Name now appears on the Domain Name Drop List;

28.1.2. No operations are allowed on the Domain Name (except an operation to reverse the Policy Deletion).

28.1.3. Any DNS Records for the Domain Name are removed from the DNS Service.

28.1.4. Exactly Fourteen (14) Calendar Days after the Domain Name enters the Pending Policy Delete state, the Domain Name becomes eligible to be Purged.

28.1.5. The Domain Name may be un-deleted up to the point before it is Purged.


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Unitech Qatar Domain Renewal Policy for customers:

For registrants(the domain owner) 30 calendar days from the date of domain expiry will be given to renew. During this time(Grace Period), domain owner can renew the domain at no extra efforts.

30 calendar days after the end of grace period, domain may be removed from user account, set to domain Redemption Grace Period - on which stage, registrant need to contact us to recover domain name.

30 calendar days after redemption grace period, domain is completely under the decision of Unitech