How to search right .qa domain name?

 Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Finding in other terms, search a relevant qa domain name for your business is challenging one. right here in this article, we will go through the steps to  choose the perfect domain name for your business.


1. Opportunity with .QA Domain

If your business is targeting to Qatar, and want to display your website on top of search engines like Google, Bing country specific - then QA is the right choice. The are plenty of other options like, adding the keyword QA / Qatar / QTR along with your domain name ending TLD .COM, .NET etc. Inface those will work but not as much a performance with perfect result. It is advisable that, newer domain extensions like .ninja, .photography, .io and others can make your business appear less trustworthy.

You can also try .COM.QA which has similar benefits like QA extension.

We always recommend choosing a .qa domain name.


2.  Include Specific Keywords in Your Domain Name

While searching domain name keep in mind, include most exact matching keywords: For example:  it can be your business name only or the service you providing along with domain name. 

The use of keywords is crucial in a domain. You can inform search engines about your website's subject matter by include keywords in your domain name. Keywords in your domain, along with high-quality content and a positive user experience, can raise your Google ranking.

Finding a suitable domain with your desired keywords that is not already taken is really difficult. To make your domain stand out, you'll need to be inventive and incorporate your keywords into other words.


3. Shortest as possible

Please note: for .QA domain the minimum length of domain name is 3 letters. For example : abc.qa 

If you are lucky you can have relevant domain with most shortest keyword, if notdont worry, you can just begin with that and limit start with minimum length and keep search. 


Here is the shortcut to Search Domain from Unitech.

Find your Domain:


Your domain name should not exceed 15 characters. Your users will have a tougher time remembering longer domains. Not to mention that users that type longer domain names will be more likely to make errors, which may result in traffic loss. Therefore, it's a good idea to keep the length of your domain brief.


4. Easy to Spell

Domain name should be simple to transmit both orally and in writing. You never know when someone will ask you in person for your domain name. Your domain name should be simple to comprehend and spell for everyone who hears it if you intend to utilize it to create a formal corporate email address.


5. Avoid Special Characters

Never use hyphens (-) or Under Scores (_) while registering a domain. You don't want to be connected with spam domains, which may be identified by their use of special characters. Additionally prone to errors are hyphenated domains. If you pick a domain name with hyphens because the one you desire is already registered, users who fail to type the hyphen will probably land on your competitor's website.

You may make your domain easier to type and more recognizable by avoiding double letters as well.


Final tip: It is advisable to use WWW in front your website to avoid domain ip conflicts, cookies sharing issues.



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